Commercial Metal Roofing New York

New York City experiences harsh weather conditions. During winter, there are freezing temperatures. During summer, you can expect storms and tornadoes. Both of these phenomena can ruin your roof in the long run.

If you plan to put up a commercial building or already have a building in New York, opt for metal roofing over traditional roofs. Metal roofs are more long-lasting, durable, and require minimal maintenance than traditional ones like asphalt shingle roofs.

Benefits of Metal Roofing for Commercial Buildings in New York

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Long lifespan

Compared to other materials, metal roofing promises longevity. Its lifespan can extend up to 70 years. That is decades longer compared to asphalt roofs, which last 10-20 years only.


As metal roofs reflect the sun’s UV rays, it helps reduce the heat by up to 10-25%. It can alleviate the cooling costs of the building, making it more energy-efficient. Metal roofs are also usually made of recycled materials. Plus, a new metal roof can also be installed on top of the existing one, reducing waste thrown in landfills.


Metal roofing can withstand powerful winds and intense temperatures. You can trust that it will not be ruined when faced with such conditions. In addition, metal roofs are not combustible. It will not start or catch fire as it is fire-resistant.

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Commercial Metal Roof Installation

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Apart from their durability and longevity, metal roofs also provide a stylish finish. We provide the best metal roofing materials and services. We can provide a wide variety of styles and types that will best suit your commercial building:

  • Metal roof shingles
  • Metal tile roof
  • Metal shake roof
  • Standing seam metal roof
  • Steel roofing
  • Copper roofing
  • Aluminum roofing
  • Sheet metal roofing
  • Galvalume roof
  • Galvanized steel
  • And many more!

One issue that people find about metal roofing is that it’s noisy during rain or hail. As metal roof experts, we can drastically reduce this noise that you won’t be able to notice. No need to worry about it.

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Commercial Metal Roof Replacement

Your old roof may serve its purpose of protecting you from heat, rain, sleet, and snow. But you’ll never know how long it will last after facing intense weather conditions several times. Do not wait until it gives in before you decide on a replacement. You can make the switch to something more durable now.

Metal roofs are more cost-effective, long-lasting, and durable than asphalt roofing and other more regular types of roofs. It also requires minimal maintenance, perfect for commercial establishments. If you decide to make the switch, we gladly offer our metal roof replacement services for your convenience.

Commercial Metal Roof Repair

When your contractor fails to install your metal roofs properly, they will not last long as they should. Dissimilar materials, failed seams, fasteners, or sealants, poorly secured metal panels, and other issues may cause your roof to rust, corrode, and leak. Metal roofs are durable and the best choice, but they should be properly placed to serve their purpose.

If you need metal roof repair, we will gladly give you our expertise. We always make sure to install the panels properly to avoid any issues in the future.


All in all, a metal roof is more cost-effective and durable than other common roofing if it is installed properly. For all your metal roof installation, replacement, and repair needs, we are the roofing contractors for you.